You just broke up with your partner and you still want your ex back. You are questioning yourself why your ex broke you with you and if your ex regrets his her decision to break up. You are still madly in love with your ex and you want to know if your former partner still likes you.

Here are 7 signs that will tell you if your ex still likes you and wants you back.

1. You partner still looks straight if your eyes – if your ex can still look at your eyes straightly you will know be they way your ex looks at you if he/she still likes you. If your ex is no longer interested with you, he/she will avoid eye contact.

2. Your ex still initiates a conversation with you – You will know if your ex still likes you he/she will find a way to start a conversation with you no matter how short it might be. Your ex may even tease you or joke around to test if he/she still can make you laugh.

3. The way his body reacts – How your ex will behave when you are around will tell you if your ex still likes you or not. If your ex leans towards you keeps an open posture it means your ex still likes you. However, if your ex leans backward then that means your ex is no longer interested.

4. Your ex still communicates with you – if your ex let you messages or even calls you, it’s a sign that your ex still likes you.

5. Your ex gives you a warm smile – if your ex smiles when your path cross and looks happy to see you , it means your ex still likes you. You know your ex quite well so you will know if your ex is faking or if really means his smile.

6. Your ex wants to be friends – Most often after a break up it’s very common that your ex will want you to be friends. But your ex does not really mean it. If they still keep you actively in their life, then it means that your ex still likes you.

7. If Your ex still touches you lightly – If your ex still touches your shoulders or your arms it means that your ex still likes you.

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