Ex-Boyfriend (Young Adult Romance)

Product Description
Mandy suffers a lot of heartache and embarrassing moments as she is caught time and again stalking her ex-boyfriend—though she’s trying to let go. Really! However, there is a smokin’ hot guy just waiting for her to let go, and he’s more than willing to help yank the cord to get things moving along. But is Mandy ready to let go … and is her ex REALLY ready for her to do it?
Full-length standalone novel
No cliffhanger
Melanie Marks’ short story, “The Kiss” is included
No book needs to be read before or after this
Teen romance
No swearing

Note: this novel is (very) loosely based off Melanie Marks’ book, Cute Boy Wars. If you read that book, it is not recommended you read this. Though the storyline and names have been quite changed, parts of Cute Boy Wars are in this book. (Choose only one version.)

By Melanie Marks, author of Fall For Me; and His Kiss
Melanie’s newest book is THE PLAYER (plus: Ally Has Amnesia)
(It is a standalone novel with a bonus story included: “Ally Has Amnesia”)

Other new teen books by Melanie Marks:
Smokin’ Hot (Accidental) Kiss
Heartbreaker Hanson
Love Liam
Kissing Kade
The New Boy
Dearest (Hot) Enemy

UPDATE: Melanie’s very newest book is: THE TOUGH BOY’S TENDER KISS

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