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Not everyone is lucky in love, as there are some who are just not gifted with a
partner that can stay forever. There are also some who just fall out of love, or who just do not want to continue the relationship anymore. No matter what your reason is, the main point is that you are already out of the relationship, so, really, why get an ex back?

There are people who would still choose to get an ex back and rekindle the
relationship they once had, but there are also some who want a fresh new start in their romantic lives. In deciding whether or not to get an ex back, you should analyze your situation first and if there is any other way to fix your broken relationship.

Here is a list on why a lot of people discourage you to get an ex back:
• Past is past. Bearing this in mind, you should not associate yourself with anything or anyone who has had hurt you in the past. If you and your ex had major issues that you already fought over with, what will happen most likely is a replay of your entire relationship. The thing is, why spend time with someone you already tried being with, instead of looking for a new one, who you might be more compatible with.
• If you get an ex back, you just make yourself more vulnerable to the hurt and pain you once had together. Wounds will be reopened, mistakes will be magnified and more bad blood will make the relationship suffer. If you badly want to get an ex back, you have to assure yourself and your ex that whatever happened before should not affect whatever you have now, or in your future. It will be a serious commitment in making things right this time and in making sure that there will be much more positive changes and developments, in terms of being able to determine the things the both of you have agreed on.
• If you get an ex back, you are hindering yourself from having a brand new start. Break ups will always be painful, no matter how nicely you try to part, so why bring with you the tears if you can just move forward by giving more importance and value to yourself and to other people around you. There is no need to bring along sadness and frustration for all the things that happened, instead, you can move on and create a fresh and good relationship with a new person who is willing to love you the same. If you get an ex back, it is like being there thru the dark times all over again.

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